Instagram Content Ideas That Can Generate a Good Lead

Many businesses owners are unaware of the fact that Instagram’s number of active monthly users grows at a faster rate than Facebook, Twitter, and Snapchat. It might come as a surprise to many, but these days Instagram has become the new Facebook. Most of the small as well as big businesses make use of it to generate good leads and enjoy better returns on their hard work and investment.

According to a study by experts of a dissertation writing service, in June 2018, Instagram reached an astonishing 1 billion active monthly users, as well as at least 25 million business profiles worldwide which is indeed a great achievement. Instagram users love interacting with pictures, and the adage, a good picture is worth a thousand words has been proved right in this instant. The network’s statistics show us that at least a million Instagrammers visit at least one business profile each day. Not only this, 60% of people say they discover new products on this platform and this helps them reach across to new ideas every time they open their applications.

Generating Leads on Instagram:

Instagram lead generation requires more than a post here and there and occasional hashtags. Like other aspects of marketing, Instagram marketing also requires strategic thinking and planning. Generating leads through Instagram can produce much better results when it is incorporated into the overall marketing strategy. By mapping out your Instagram campaigns, content, stories, and even hashtags before time, you can make the most of your marketing strategies and see them growing successfully.

The best thing about Instagram is that businesses can get a lot of attention and love from Instagrammers, and it helps them make the right moves to connect with people and take their products and services forward. This article is a guide for all the businesses that want to get into action, how they can benefit from Instagram marketing, and understand how they can generate good leads.

Instagram Lead Generation Ads:

You can make use of Instagram lead generation ads to move forward with your marketing campaign. To use Instagram lead generation ads, creating a Facebook page and an Instagram business profile are necessary. Once you are done with both these things, you can go to Ads Manager to start creating your ads. Choosing Lead Generation as your marketing objective and name your campaign to get started with your tasks. Creating an ad is very easy with Facebook. All you need to do it:
  • Choose the marketing objective
  • Define your audience
  • Select your placement
  • Set your bid
  • Choose an ad format
  • Create your lead form
You can read more about creating ads online and learn how to do it right.

Create Facebook Lookalike Audiences:

Creating a lookalike or custom audience on Facebook is a good idea, and it helps to target Instagram users who are similar to the existing customers. It is a great way to move forward if you already have 1,000 Instagram followers minimum. You can create a lookalike audience of Instagrammers based on factors including:
  • Everyone who engaged with your Instagram profile
  • Only those who visited your profile
  • Only those who engage with your content or ads
  • People who sent a message to your business profile
  • Those who saved any of your posts or ads
Lookalike audiences help in generating high-quality leads by targeting users who seem to be interested in your products.

Optimize Your Bio:

Optimizing the company bio is very necessary because as you only get one clickable link in your bio. If there is no valuable information, the users will not know what to do, and it will disappoint them. They are more likely to find a profile that they can see and connect with as well. There is a lot you can do with a single clickable link.

You must come up with a fully optimized and engaging Instagram bio keeping your target audience in mind. You can connect with other social media platforms through Instagram and provide users a chance to explore as much as they can about who are you and what you can do for them. The 3 most important elements to an optimized Instagram profile are:
  • Profile image
  • Content
  • Link

When you reference “link in bio” in your Instagram posts, the references will be outdated if there is a change in the bio link. There are several tools that you can use to avoid this problem but is necessary to focus on this aspect to ensure you are not short of good leads.

Keep The Audience Engaged:

Instagram is a social networking platform, and to make your place here and succeed, you will have to connect with the audience and keep them engaged. If you are serious about generating leads through Instagram, you will have to work on content ideas that the audience likes. Learn what your target audience wants, how they want it, and make sure to deliver it most effectively to grow and make progress. You can engage with your audience and respond to them by:
  • Using emojis
  • Sharing related images
  • Replying with a funny GIF
  • Asking follow-up questions

If you are a growing brand and do not have much in terms of audience, you can still connect with them. Seek out similar brands and engage with the Instagrammers who are engaging with them, and you will see how it helps you become more accessible, friendly and win new followers.

Focus On Shared User-Generated Content:

User-generated content is any unpaid content put out by fans, and it is a big thing when it comes to social proof. People are more likely to trust when other people tell them about a brand or product even when it is other users and not someone they know. With the right content ideas that people love to share or comment on, you can look forward to generating good leads that will help them engage even more users. The better you learn to use user-generate content, the more you can connect with followers and enjoy the exposure and attention of even more Instagrammers.

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